Rejuvenate Cream  
with Hexapeptides, the latest in skin care 
 Rejuvenate wrinkle remove cream


Rejuvenating wrinkle remove cream



Rejuvenating wrinkle remove cream


rejuventaing CreamRejuvenation is not about using the latest and greatest products on the market---it's about using methods and ingredients that work. Our cream was developed to rejuvenate the skin,

Botox caused a rush to plastic surgeons for rejuvenating skin care treatments. These expensive injections were limited however. They paralyzed muscles to treat wrinkles. 

But wrinkles on aging skin are caused by more than muscles alone. Often there is discoloration and dryness too.


What if you could rejuvenate your skin and get the benefits of Botox injections and treat other skin problems without a visit to a plastic surgeon and injections.

Now you can.

LiteCosmetics' Rejuvenate Cream is just that product. Using Hexapeptides, Glycolic, Grapeseed Extract and Kojic formulas the cream attacks wrinkles, discolorations dryness and course skin!

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